Global Chemical Company Management Profile – Vikudha

Mr. Vikash Adukia, based at Vikudha’s Headquarters in Hong Kong, and Mr. Deap Adukia, in Singapore, lead The Vikudha Group.

Educated in Hong Kong, the Adukia brothers became familiar with the business from a very young age. They developed the talent to face challenges and sharpened their business savvy, while mastering local language skills.

«Search for growth opportunities», «Diversify income streams» and «Prudent risk management measures» are their three accelerating ideas.
A premium quality network together with their honesty and integrity have been pivotal in the development of solid relationships with banking and financial institutions as well as with buyers and suppliers.
There is more to come, however. With a passionate team and the deep relationships, they build with service providers, Mr. Vikash Adukia and Mr. Deap Kumar Adukia are ambitious and confident of the expansion of Vikudha in the near future.


Mr. Vikash Adukia

Group CEO
  • Based at our Group’s headquarters in Hong Kong, he is the Group CEO and a focal point of the Group’s business
  • Under his able leadership, Vikudha Group has witnessed systematic growth by expanding into various countries and has achieved sustainable & systematic growth
  • Started supporting his father, Mr. Balkishan Adukia, in business activities in 1988
  • After completing his studies in 1992, he got fully involved in the day-to-day operations of the Group and took control of commercial operations; in 2005 he became the Group CEO
  • Proficient in English, Hindi, and Cantonese; his proficiency in Cantonese enabled him to have strategic business relationship with reputed Chinese chemical manufacturers

Mr. Deap Adukia

Group COO
  • Based in Singapore, he is the Group Chief Operating Officer of Vikudha.
  • Joined his father and brother in 1996 and has since played an instrumental role in the expansion and consolidation of Vikudha Group
  • He is having an array of experience in financial and commercial segments of business
  • Together with Mr. Vikash, he structured and started group operations in Latin America and Europe
  • Passionate in areas of FMCG division of business where he is bringing innovative ideas to pursue new growth in business


Ms. Minu Thomas

Group Financial Controller
  • Based in Hong Kong, she joined Vikudha Group in 2010 as Group Financial Controller
  • With over 15 years of experience, she oversees financial and strategic direction of Vikudha’s operations across the globe
  • Before joining Vikudha Group, she had worked with a leading Chinese bank and an Indian bank, covering various multinational corporate relationships. She also served as the Financial Controller for a Hong Kong-based exporting company
  • Her profound banking experience is an added asset to the Group to have strong, clear relations with international and regional banks
  • Graduated with Bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Communication

Mr. Teo Tiong Wee

Country Head - Singapore
  • Based in Singapore, he joined Vikudha in 2007
  • He manages trading activity for Chemicals in the region of NE and SE Asia
  • Started the mineral trade from Singapore office in 2009
  • Before joining Vikudha, he worked for an inspection company and later, for a Korea-based trading company in the field of Petroleum and Petrochemical
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