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Product sourcing

With access to a reliable pool of first-class suppliers we offer quality goods with on-time delivery and competitive pricing. There is no product too challenging to obtain and commercialize. Both buyers and suppliers have access to the required expertise to market their products from origin to destination.

Market intelligence

Vikudha is a leader in successful business practices and trends worldwide due to the ability of its global network. Spread across multiple markets we adapt and respond to changes and challenges, offering seamless solutions.

Shipping advisory and documentation

Our documentation team can offer advice on specific matters related to imports and exports including charges and all required documents to plan your shipment. Our team can also provide all the paperwork for transactions as well a guidance on requirements.

Market development

Either if you are entering a new market or expanding in an existing one, you can count on our in-depth knowledge of local and international markets. We can provide you access to a thriving network of buyers helping your business to grow and flourish.

Logistics expertise

As a trading company, we handle all logistic aspects for our clients. We manage shipment and transportation and only use recognized and reliable shipping companies to warrant shipments of goods from source are on schedule. By monitoring the availability of vessels for full or part charter to our buyers’ destinations we grant options to buyers of break-bulk or bulk shipments.

Financial reliability

We facilitate any trade, providing our clients with flexible and creative financing options thanks to our long- standing bank relationships.


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Timely deliveries?

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Here are some of the main benefits among the many Vikudha offers to buyers:

  • Hassle free business thanks to a reliable team
  • Suppliers global network for a broad range of segments
  • Full follow-up of cargo till destination
  • Closeness to international shipping lines
  • Creative solutions and financial strength
  • In-house inspection of products, packing and loading by our expert team
  • Experienced shipping and logistic department at buyers’ service


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Marketing and sales advice?

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These are some of the many key benefits we offer for suppliers:

  • Providing access to various markets through our 16 offices worldwide network
  • Sound experience in marketing new products in multiple markets
  • Our solid relationships with over 14 international and regional financial institutions is proof of sound financial strength
  • More than 400 suppliers trust Vikudha. Our experienced trading teams speed up businesses
  • We have a global growth plan focused on capturing emerging opportunities worldwide

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